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Selby 2002 Sonoma County Port and Brownie with Lemon Curd Whipped Cream

Presented by: Tina & Paul Cuneo

Brownie with Lemon Curd & Raspberries

Lemon Curd
Whipping Cream
Whole fresh Raspberries (or other fruit you like)

I made this up from looking at different recipes, so there is nothing really formal about this recipe.

Make or buy brownies. I made them in cupcake molds and slightly undercooked them.

Whip up a small container of whipping cream (with a teaspoon of sugar if you like)
Add in a 2-3 tlbs of lemon curd (or to taste.)

Slightly heat the brownie in the microwave or oven. Add a heaping spoon of the whipped cream and lemon curd. Add a few raspberries and you are done.

You can also shave a little chocolate on top if you feel like it.

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