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Matrix 2005 Syrah Sonoma Coast
Cheese Raviolis with Sausage

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Four Play
Buffalo Wing Grilled Pizza

Purpose: To pair wine with a complimentary partner - food - to bring out the best in each other.
Concept: For people who enjoy and appreciate good food with good wine to share with others their pairing of food and wine ideas.
The Idea: Bring four to five couples together to share each other's food and wine pairing ideas. Each couple selects a wine to pair with a food of their choice. The food is to be complimented by the wine to bring out the best in each.
Implementing It:
  • Get four to five couples who enjoy good food and good wine and set a date.
  • Each couple selects a wine and a food that they think or know will pair with each other.
  • During the course of the evening each couple prepares a small plate of food (tapa) to pair with a small serving of wine.
  • The order of serving will depend on the wine and food each couple selects. Go from light wine to a heavy wine.
  • This is a non-competitive event. No grading of the food nor wine pairing will occur.
  • Just enjoy each others wine and food pairing and each others company!

Pairing Date: July 22, 2017

Where: Max and Kent Girard

Wine and Food Paired in the following order:

  1. Ironhorse 2013 Ocean Reserve - Blanc de Blancs and Grilled Oysters in a Half Shell
  2. Sidebard 2016 Russian River Valley Rose and Spicy Shrimp and Grilled Corn
  3. VJB 2015 Brunello di Belmonte and Grilled New York Steak topped with Chopped Olives on a bed of Pollenate garnished with Grilled Asparagus

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